Climb aboard the think tank as comedian Rick Wood and an army of guests,from all walks of life, use their words to chip away at unfamiliarity, fear, ego and idiocy.

Episode 34 – Atif Myers – Atif Myers came over to compare cop stories and we find out that a black Muslim guy has a less enjoyable experience with the police than a white dude.

Episode 33 – Lisa, Dosch, Crawford and Wood – Check out our new folk quintet. Subjects include old musicians, , monogamy, millennials, relationship dynamics and drugs. Music in this episode from The Lesser Birds of Paradise.

Episode 32 – Christopher Day Chris Edwards and I talk through a lot of things, take a break, crack a couple beers and talk through some more. Redemption, hypocrisy, exploration, and to hell with all in this episode with music by Adam Faucett.

Episode 31 – Transition – Sorry it has been so sporadic lately. A lot of change is going on with the show. Look we even got new graphics and the website has been remodeled. This week Shadi Petosky comes over and I learn a little about being before we veer into discussion about talents, skills and developing them. Malcolm Gladwell comes up as do our mothers. We cover a lot of topics and pursue a lot of tangents.This is truly one of the more enlightening and enjoyable conversations I’ve ever had and it’s especially nice to have it as a podcast.

Episode 30 – Crime and Punishment – Political participant, Julie Weiss, stops by to talk activism, capital punishment and ballot measures. Music by D.B. Rouse.

Episode 29 – Water In A Bag – Joe Dosch and I rehash a psychedelic voyage we recently took together.
Music by Autopilot is For Lovers.

Episode 28 – Twerk It Baby – Brad Silnutzer comes by to have a few beers and discuss the events of the week along with some old yarns from yesteryear. Enjoy!
Music in this episode by Jeremiah Nelson.

Episode 27 – Dumpster Lovin’ – Greg Edwards and Aaron Pita come by to ponder conspiracy, bourgeois water and dumpster sex.
Music in this episode by Autopilot Is For Lovers.

Episode 26 – BathrobeSteve – After a bit of a hiatus the podcast is back. Steve Releford aka BathrobeSteve comes by to talk activism, social awareness and food among other things. Music in this episode by D.B. Rouse

Episode 25 – Ian Jasper -Ian Jasper comes by to talk about the show we co-produce, social networks, comedy, environmentalism and some other things. Music in this episode by pat mAcdonald.

Episode 24 – Steve Hernandez – Rick muses over LA ramping up it’s douchieness as the Oscars are upon us and how this place may just be generally full of shit and itself (Interchangeably!). Then he has a nice talking with Steve time.
Music in this episode by Purgatory Hill.

Episode 23 – Laura Crawford – Intelligent and funny Laura Crawford comes by to sit on the couch and shoot all the shit that could be shot in under an hour and a half.
Music in this episode by The Lesser Birds of Paradise.

Episode 22 – Katie Merriam – Katie comes over to talk about, extremism in several forms, Whether or not it’d be a good idea to sleep with Obama and we root for Chris Dorner a little bit.
Music in this episode by Abnormal Cattle.

Episode 21 – Andy Sell – Andy Sell comes by to pis and moan with me. We talk about it.
Music in this Episode by Willy Mason

Episode 20 – Ryan Pfeiffer – Ryan (Crab Diving) comes by and we talk about isolationism in modern society, gun control, comedy, death denial and an over medicated generation that doesn’t seem to be engaging life.
Music in this episode by Jeremiah Nelson

Episode 19 – Justin Lentz – Fellow comedian Justin Lentz comes by for a conversation that almost ends up a free association experiment about everything but we manage to keep the mothership somewhat grounded.
Music in this episode by Nathan Xander

Episode 18 – Andrew Lisa – Comedian and writer at, Andrew Lisa, comes by for a great talk covering subjects as wide ranging as, Antisemitism; Factory Farming; Journalism; Comedy; Self-analysis/hatred/acceptance and Nerds. Music in this episode by Johnny Lowebow.

Episode 17 -Jeremy Bassett, Joe Dosch and Devin Blake – It starts with Hitler and ends with an insane argument about race and socioeconomic status that was kicked off by the question, “Where does the Jew hating thing come from?” In between all of that we discuss identity theft, immigration, the new pope, college and how it’s probably just a scam, trade school, diet and Rick goes off on a tear against trashy poor people leaving Devin unable to clarify a sentence about how racism coming along makes sense. Strap in, this one’s a bit insane.
Music by Autopilot Is For Lovers 

Episode 16 – Peter Banachowski – Peter comes by to discuss the big issues like death and science and sandwiches. Also some sounds from Jupiter. The guy’s a pretty smart dude, man. ENJOY.
Music in this episode by William Blackart.

Episode 15 – Paul Sig – An old friend from Chicago, Paul Sig comes by because he now lives up the road. His new neighbor is insane, and he’s discovered that she fits in with the bulk of Hollywood. Music by PurgAtory Hill

Episode 14 – Chad Quandt – Chad Quandt, co-creator of Suck Tower, comes by for a talk about twitter, intentionally bad movies and a slew of other topics.

Episode 13 – Michael James Benson – Here it is unlucky 13. To celebrate Rick talks with Michael James Benson about their troubles with super storm Sandy in New York and the the two also discuss Michael’s quirky personality.
Music in this episode by Alameda

Episode 12 – Dave Metz – Dave Metz is another guy who was a part of the group that was in New York leading up to hurricane sandy. We talk about that and a few other things.
Music in this episode by Adam Faucett

Episode 11 – Jeff Sewing – Jeff Sewing takes a turn on the couch to discuss occupy, bad fashion choices, and trade stories of stupid things he and Rick have done.
Music in this episode by Eric McFadden

Episode 10 – Devin Blake – Rick and Devin discuss work ethic and comedy among other things.
Music in this episode by mo rose

Episode 9 – Wendi Starling – Wendi Starling comes by to talk about Depression, Darwinism and other things.
Music in this episode by Matthew Fischer

Episode 8 – Escape From New York – Myself, and a handful of other comics went on a trip to New York put together and paid for by Michael James Benson. During the trip, former hurricane turned freak storm, Sandy hit and really complicated things. We learned there’s no such thing as a free ride and that somebody in our group has a sexual proclivity that involves sex acts with food items.
Music in this episode by:Nathan Xander

Episode 7 – Brock Wilbur – Brock Wilbur and Rick co-host a weekly show at iO West in Hollywood every Sunday. Recently they sat down to talk about conspiracy theories, the state of the music industry and psychedelic ramblings.
Music in this episode by: Johnny Lowebow and Rick Wood

Episode 6 – Joe Welker – Joe and Rick talk about their first beers, consciousness and notebooks.
Music in this episode by:Jeremiah Nelson

Episode 5 – Joe Dosch – Joe and Rick talk about over-stimulation, whether or not today’s generation is the worst generation and what they think causes people to hate each other.
Music in this episode by: Purgatory Hill

Episode 4 – Simon Gibson – Simon brought over some delicious coffee and gave Rick a lesson in using his french press, then they talked about consumer culture and sewing, also other stuff.
Music in thies episode by: Autopilot is For Lovers

Episode 3 – Joel Jimenez – Joel Comes by to do some time on the sofa and talk about neurosis and losing his religion.
Music in this episode by: Adam Faucett

Episode 2 – Aaron Pita – Themes of the show begin to develop in episode 2 as Aaron Pita joins Rick to talk about modern day nomads and a handful of other topics.
Music in this episode by: D.B. Rouse

Episode 1 – Jeremy Bassett – In Episode 1 Rick explains the title and motive behind his podcast before discussing religion, race, acceptance and road rage among other things with Jeremy Bassett.
Music in this episode by: The Lesser Birds of Paradise