The best club in the world with one of the best comics headlining, and me featuring. Kyle Kinane at The Comedy Attic in Bloomington, IN. In this little college town nestled in a state that is generally not too well thought of there is one hell of a comedy club. I'm not exaggerating when I say it's the best. That may be a matter of opinion but it's a solid and widely agreed upon opinion. For every club like Comedy Attic that gets it there are dozens that flat out do not. It usually comes down to two factors as far as I can tell; the owner and the audiences. 

Jared, who owns The Comedy Attic, knows what the fuck he's doing. He's opinionated and blunt and he does things the way he thinks they should be done and when you look at the results it's easy to see that he's right. Every little detail of the place, from the greenroom to the bathroom, adds up to a top tier club. To go from another mediocre weekend at what is supposed to sort of be my home club to one of the the best weekends I've had doing this had a definite roller coaster effect.

I've never felt comfortable or respected back in Appleton and as a result haven't made a huge sustained effort to change that. You can usually tell when you're fighting an uphill battle that you're not likely to win in regard to that. This last trip confirmed it for me and I don't think I'll be barking up that tree anymore. The Comedy Attic on the other hand has felt to me, welcoming and in tune with where comedy is currently at while fostering where it's going from the moment I first stepped foot in the place at Limestone Comedy Festival in 2017. 

The crowds are savvy and full of repeat customers because they're used to a consistently well curated line up of top shelf talent coming through. I wonder if that town knows how spoiled they are in terms of stand-up. It's ridiculous. As happy as I was to be performing on a run of sold out shows with Kyle, I was just as happy to get to see him do five sets over three nights in front of a room packed full of great crowds.  I felt good about every set and even great about a couple, but then Kinane would go on and do about an hours worth of material that made me want to make all my shit better. By the late show Saturday I'd made a few changes and renewed my enthusiasm for my material and performing in general. 

The only drawback from the weekend is that I've got a high water mark that I currently have no clear idea of how to top or even reach again in the near future. Kyle's fans were all really cool, at least the ones I met were. The staff at the club were all super cool. Jared was fun as hell to sit and bullshit about sports and music with in the green room. The host, David Britton, is cool and very funny. The local comedy scene figures are all fucking great. I stayed with my friend Bryce who was great to bounce around between bars with before and after some of the shows. I know it sounds like I'm gushing but if you consider the sheer amount of bitching and moaning I am readily capable of you'll know it must be for good reason.