Day 1 – Hobo Death Trip



I’m currently parked on a highway somewhere between  Austin and Amarillo on the high plains of Texas. Traffic has stopped due to an overturned semi truck.

Today is this first day of what is intended to be a freewheelin’, road rambling adventure with myself D.B. Rouse and Blake Langlinais. Last night we left Austin, after a comedy show I was on, and drove into the night until stopping at a roadside picnic area to sleep in the van for a few hours.

We’ve been scouring the main streets of small town Texas in search of a diner or dive that we can play music in for tips and whatever food the kitchen is willing to let go of. So far town after town looks to be mostly abandoned, nothing is open and no one is out. It is a Sunday in the Bible belt however and when it comes to religious fanatics we’re no match for God.