VOTE (with your dollar every day.)

Remember after you vote, make sure to go out and spend some money.

Go out and spend it someplace where it will end up in the hands of the large corporate interests that, through lobbying and former board members being appointed to non elected positions in government, continue to slow and stop any real progress, that continue to sell out the American people for the sake of maximizing profits, that can spend whatever they want on influencing political campaigns because we keep giving them the money.

So go out and vote and then buy yourself something to eat that isn’t even actually food, and then pick yourself up something nice that used to be made here but then the factory was shipped somewhere else so they could “stay competitive.”
Go ahead you’ve earned it, it’s your right, it’s your freedom, you check a box every 2-4 years.

If you want to see change,
change the way you spend.
Stop feeding the machine.

Your dollar is the most important ballot you’ll ever cast.