I lived in Utah, in a town called Ogden, just North of Salt Lake for three years.
During that time I took it upon myself to learn a lot about the strange local cult, The Mormons or as they prefer to be called, Latter Day Saints. In addition to being the ominous presence looming over life in that state I was also absorbing the excitement of a young Mormon girlfriend who was sexual acting out during her freshman year of college.  As our time together wore on her guilt over our situation grew and she became increasingly persistent about getting me to convert. After looking into what that entailed our relationship quickly fizzled out. I became, as I do with most things, borderline obsessed with Mormonism and all the wacky shit they believe. I wanted to sneak into their temple and secretly film the bizarre ceremonies that ex-Mormons had described to me. I even entertained the idea of converting and posing as a model member of the church so I could get access to the endowment ceremony but the required year of  devotion to to the church was where my obsession met its limits.

Lucky for me someone else eventually video recorded the Mormon endowment ceremony and posted it to youtube where it is starting to go viral.