L.A. for the most part feels like ground hog’s day. Not the superstition, I mean the movie with Bill Murray. Day in, day out it’s the same thing over and over again. At least that’s how it feels most of the time. The weather doesn’t change, the people don’t change, career level hasn’t changed much, but mostly it’s the weather. The total lack of seasons causes something to happen to you after eight months here. That’s about how long it takes for your body to realize that something should have changed that didn’t.
To counteract that sometimes you have to institute change on your own and take stock of what things have been happening.

So here’s what’s new-
I’ve started a podcast titled “War On Idiocy” that you can download/subscribe to here on iTUNES or listen to here on this site.

I’ve started Co-Hosting “Death Of The Weekend” with Brock Wilbur at iO West on Hollywood Blvd.

Two shows I’ve been excited about doing lately and in the future are The Ho Ho Show and Vaudeville. Check them out.

So there’s the news. Check the DATES tab on the site and come out and see me sometime.